6 Ways To “Spring Clean” Your Social Media

It’s the season for all things fresh and new, and here in Pennslyvania, we may finally be done with snow! I’ve got six quick ideas for giving your social media accounts a “spring cleaning.” See if you have time between baseball games and doses of allergy medicine to check a few of these off:

1. Check and refresh your profile and header images. Make sure they are on-brand across all platforms – coordination of color and imagery helps with quick recognition when your audience uses multiple channels. Think about freshening your platforms up with bright colors or new photos. While you’re at it, check to make sure contact info and links to your website are all up-to-date.

2. Review analytics and metrics from the past quarter (or a longer period of time, if you haven’t checked lately). You might be surprised at which posts have gotten great engagement; and conversely, which didn’t work so well. Consider content, timing, and demographics.

3. Check out a few friendly competitors or other accounts you admire, in order to get some new inspiration and fresh ideas to implement on your social media platforms or your website.

4. Consider adding video in the next month. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, but it's definitely a good idea to start utilizing, especially if you don't typically use it. Adding video content is a proven method for boosting engagement with your social media followers.

5. Run a short and sweet contest where you encourage followers to like, share, comment, retweet, or tag a friend in order to have a chance at winning a product, experience or service of your choosing. This can give your account a huge jump in exposure and followers.

6. Set your goals (or set up an editorial calendar) for the next quarter or season. Make sure you align your social media goals with your overall marketing and organizational goals and strategies.

A new season is the perfect time to freshen your brand’s face to the world. Happy “spring cleaning!”


Virginia Woodbury balances work, family and all the rest of the things in suburban Philadelphia. A writer and marketing strategist for small businesses and organizations as well as a recovering perfectionist, she keeps it real with the help of coffee and a bullet journal and tries to get out of her pajamas by the time afternoon carpool rolls around. Website: www.virginiawoodbury.com.