We offer the following branding and design packages perfect for new brands just launching or existing brands in need of a refresh. We're also happy to curate a branding package specific to your creative project needs.


Logo Design

Social Branding

Packaging Design


We work alongside you as your personal creative team to see your project through from conception to completion. We're committed to ensuring that our clients receive outstanding service and a transparent and enjoyable process.


→ What does the discovery process entail?

This is where you get to do a little homework – don’t worry, it’s the fun kind! We want to know all about your brand and what inspires you, from design to functionality (and don't forget to send us those pinterest boards). To do this we will ask you to fill out a brand discovery questionnaire that will help give us a better understanding of your vision and how we can help develop and fulfill it creatively and effectively.

→ What does the design process entail?

After we review your questionnaire, and your slot has been secured with the required 50% deposit, we'll begin crafting three different logo concepts and brand directions. Once you select your preference, we'll work back and forth with you on two revision rounds (hint: timely communication and prompt responses make the process smoother) to refine until complete. Upon completion of your core brand identity, we will begin to design the rest of the brand collateral included in your package. For web design, we'll send a detailed email requesting all hosting info and necessary files from you, including web copy and images, before we begin the design process.

→ What does the delivery process entail?

Cheers, we're almost there! Once the design process is complete and the remaining 50% payment has been received, we will send all final digital files to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. For web design, we will walk you through your new site before going live. And since we're not the type to leave you hanging – we'll provide one week of post-launch assistance as well.